Although I’ve tried to simplify the mechanics as much as I possibly know how, here’s a visual reference of how the basics of the game go.

The arena of the game is circular and wrapping, much like Asteroids.

You shoot photons. The wrapping arena means that when standing still, you will shoot yourself in the butt.

If you stand off the main diameter, it will take two wraps but you cannot escape shooting yourself in the butt.

Your main goal in the game is to collide photons to create proton-antiproton pairs

and shoot them to split them, catch the green matter and avoid running into evil antimatter.

When you switch to low-energy ammo, you produce electron-positron pairs that is needed to complete your element.

Not a good idea.

Any ideas for improvements on mechanics? The current setup lends itself to thought out and even a bit dry gameplay, I’d like to make it a bit more arcade-y.

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