Mechanics Simplified

Playing around with simplifying the mechanics. While I love the visuals of electrons that home into the closest element, switching between modes of energy to generate them is too much gameplay hassle for a little arcade game.

I’m testing two different variants of gameplay.

  1. Proton only, where you generate element nuclei from protons and electrons are just visual fluff.
  2. Automatic energy switching, where you can not fire high energy photons while you’re an ion (missing some electrons).

These variants are very different gameplay wise. While the former is a straightforward collect-em-up, the latter introduces an element of pacing and either leaving some particles on the arena for as long as possible. Ultimately it’s a tradeoff between approachability and tactical depth.

Here’s a visual update, added labels to VFD stats and am programming camera positions for some fun metagame.

Oh, and here’s a ye olde magazine ad for the arcade machine, thought it be fitting for a 70s arcade machine.

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